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A very interesting story, exactly what I expected from a legal crime fiction. I enjoyed much reading it. Already bought the 2nd in the series. Jun 05, Ana O. Feliz rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , intrigue-mystery , fiction , thriller-horror , sociology.

I can't believe how was the end. I had deceived all the time. Jan 18, Mary Neel added it. Great 'courtroom case' book! May 18, Kath rated it really liked it. I didnt like the end, but the book is good in general. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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It was a captivating read from the start. I liked the conversations between characters. It got right into things without wasting time on pointless info or people.

Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals Case Law

It was such a great book to give such a simple ending. But still worth the read I enjoyed it.

Jul 27, Karen Pirrung rated it liked it. The characters are believable. The storyline tries to be a bit like "Presumed Innocent". Jul 24, Anna Piranha rated it it was ok. Really slow pacing. A lot of legal procedural details. Completely annoying epilogue.


Tenth new human case of avian influenza H5N1 in Cambodia in

Jul 04, Billy rated it liked it. Not a boring read, but not great either I kind of had the feeling, about halfway through this book, that the ending was going to be a bit cliche if not predictable. I give Teller points for the unpredictable part, but it was cliche. The twist at the end was good, but the very end the last page or two was straight from man Not a boring read, but not great either The twist at the end was good, but the very end the last page or two was straight from many a movie script.

Teller's style of writing is a bit, as others have noted, weak. He tends to explain a lot of things that really could have been better played out for the reader to see.

The Tenth Case

Jaywalker, we are TOLD repeatedly, is a maverick lawyer who will do anything to help his clients; he is admirable in his excuses for bending, if not breaking, the law. But, the result of the writing is still a perfect example of writing about someone and not letting the someone live out what the author wants the reader to believe about the character. Jaywalker is certainly a man that will do anything to win a case for his client, but where this could have made him a hero, the writing style makes him seem more of a nuisance. His disregard for the law, as we are reminded over and over, is what saves his clients but the fact that we don't witness this is what leaves the book a little flat.

Jaywalker is a likeable enough character, but he could have been better developed, more understood as a guy that did what he did for his client's best interests. Instead, he comes off a bit too much like a guy that doesn't care; and for that I fault the author in his writing style.

Teller could have written Jaywalker in a way that presented a lawyer who knew what had to be done and did it for his clients. Instead, he presented too much information about the man, his wife having passed away, his alienated daughter, in a seeming attempt to create a sympathetic, if not near-pathetic, character. Teller certainly holds his own in description of court procedure and he does this without boring the reader. Where he fails is in his details about the trial. The majority of the book is about the trial and Teller tells too much, not allowing the reader to determine things as they read.

Teller just gives away too much about his characters, thus creating people that are likeable, but not really understood. In other words, instead of telling me that Samara was believed to be a gold-digger, he could have let it play out in conversation; instead of telling me that the prosecutor, Burke, was a good guy, we found that out in reading the story I don't need the author to tell me he's a fair lawyer if we were just told that the prosecutor didn't have to present all his information to Jaywalker, pre-trial, but did anyway, I understood that already.

Still, I didn't mind reading this book. It was an interesting diversion and I didn't feel like I was trudging through an assignment that I had to finish. As an aside, being a as my friends and family have put it grammar-nazi, I give credit to Mr. Teller for his exceptional ability to put together a sentence that does not run on but also isn't only 5 words long. His ability to construct complex sentences was not lost on me and this is probably why I found the read a little more enjoyable than some others who felt about the same as I did about the story as a whole, but offered less stars.

Teller certainly has promise and his future offerings, should he continue to hone his skills and learn from criticism, could be very good. View 1 comment. Between "really liked it" and "amazing"! Loved the ending. Nov 15, Glenda Bixler rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed-books.

If you are a fan of the legal system, especially court cases, then The Tenth Case, by Joseph Teller will be a must-read for you! The primary reason was that he had been suspended from practicing and had been able to negotiate being allowed to finish just ten of his outstanding cases. The first nine were easily won! The second reason was that he was thinking about not returning after the three-year suspension. Yes, three-years was a fairly long suspension, but Jaywalker had been known to pull stunts in the courtroom, and out, and they had finally accumulated to the point where his panel of judges were no longer willing to allow him to practice.

And the third reason was the client The client was accused of murdering her husband For this, the tenth case has Jaywalker worried.

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Is there any way by which he can win this case and set his client free? I think the primary point of interest for me is that in this case the prosecutor and the defense lawyers respect and work together! Not only do you not hear of this very often; but also what it does is allow you to see how effectively it works, when it does happen! Hopefully, this is a sample of real life? Readers, The Tenth Case will keep you guessing right up to the last page Bixler For Amazon Vine Oct 31, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed.

He is told to pick ten of his unfinished cases to complete and hand the rest off. Add this to the huge life insurance policy that Samara appears to have taken out on him just weeks before the murder, and the case becomes the one in ten case that can never be won no matter how good the defense. This is a very good legal thriller.

The book gives a compelling insight into the workings of the legal system, especially from the perspective of the defense. The character of Jaywalker was going through a sort of midlife crisis throughout the book, yet the author managed to let us see that internal conflict without making the character a boring man.

The end of the book was excellent!

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While I sometimes find enigmatic endings irritating, because the character of Samara was pretty much a cipher herself, it really worked here. I look forward to reading many more novels by this excellent author Oct 20, Carey rated it really liked it. Manhattan lawyer Harrison J. Walker has, for the length of his twenty-plus year career, been known simply as Jaywalker. In court, the judge usually calls him Mr. He is that rare criminal defense attorney who believes that a defendant deserves at least one person in his corner, even if the defendant is guilty as sin. This belief has helped Jaywalker achieve a high acquittal rate.

Extremely high.

The Tenth World

Exceeding ninety percent, in fact. In order to achieve this remarkably high acqu Manhattan lawyer Harrison J.

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In order to achieve this remarkably high acquittal rate, Jaywalker uses unconventional methods. Methods the court sometimes frowns upon, in the form of a disciplinary board who has decided that he must take a three year break. They allow him to finish ten of his current cases before his three year suspension starts.

The first nine are relatively easy to wrap up. The tenth case is Samara Moss.

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A beautiful young gold digger who is accused of murdering her wealthy older husband. The evidence is overwhelming, it seems to be an open and shut case for the prosecution. Except that she says that she didn't do it. And it is Jaywalker's job to defend her and prove that she has been framed. The author has done a fantastic job of constructing a gripping courtroom drama.

It is obvious that he is an experienced defense attorney himself and he creates an absorbing, interesting story that gives the reader all the flavor of being behind the scenes with the defense in a murder trial. Add to that a locked room mystery, a little romance and an easy to like protagonist.