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And that’s not exactly a compliment.
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To add more books, click here. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Secrets of mastery of Bruce Lee by Sergey Matyushkov 4. Want to Read saving… Error rating book.

Strength training Bruce Lee by Sergey Matyushkov really liked it 4. Exercises Shaolin monks to practice bodybuilding by Sergey Matyushkov 3. Philosophy of Bruce Lee by Sergey Matyushkov 4. The esoteric teachings of Carlos Castaneda: the practice of scanning energy by Sergey Matyushkov liked it 3. The secrets of the supernatural abilities of the legendary Bruce Lee by Sergey Matyushkov 3. The fighting's not too shabby either. Bruce Li is one of the better Pretend Bruces and Ng See-Yuen who brought the world Jackie Chan and Corey Yuen via his production company Seasonal Films oversees things with both a talented hand and - for the genre - a reasonable budget.

They had enough cash to actually fly Bruce Li around the world to all the old locations for Bruce Lee's films so the scenery's quite pleasant too. One of the better entry points for anyone new to Bruceploitation. This is among the daftest and most ridiculous Bruceploitation films and earns its place on the list through audacity and imagination alone.

It starts in an episodic fashion with an extended training montage and some unrelated scenes in which the Bruces carry out their work but, in the final third, all comes together in a wonderfully crazed way, when arch-villain Dr Nai Thailand's answer to Dr No rocks up with his cheap shirts, kipper ties, endless cigarettes, maniacal laughter and plan to take over the world. He has a secret formula that can turn men into metal and creates an army of invincible bronze men!

The three cloned Bruces must then team up if humanity has any hope for survival. It's hard not to love this. In addition to the mad plot and the star power the three Bruces bump into a Brucie Bonus of Bruce Thai when they hit Thailand! My favorite lines include Dr Nai's proclamation "I'll make an army of bronze men! THAT will surprise the world! Clones Of Bruce Lee is total trash but it's trash with a shiny and most definitely toxic coat of bronze paint on the top. I enjoyed it immensely. It's the early s and the fate of China rests on a secret document that must not reach the hands of Japanese.

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Chinese and American resistance groups plot and scheme and all seek to enlist the help of the world's greatest martial artist Bruce Le so he can recover the document from the top of a pagoda guarded by mysterious fighters. This is a very loose adaptation of Bruce Lee's original concept for Game Of Death but, being a Bruce Le film, it takes things further into the realms of the nutty.

Of all the Bruces, you could rely on Le to be the strangest. The different 'temples' here take on a surreal, mythological quality - bizarre, almost supernatural characters sleeping in spooky rooms, awakened only to fight Bruce and protect the documents. The scene in the 'Temple Of Snakes' is jawdropping as not only do we get some Grade A snake style kung fu, but the guy fights Bruce with a pair of actual cobras in his hand while about a dozen others slither around their feet! Le's lack of regard for his own safety often made for some incredible scenes but this is one of the maddest and best.

The middle 40 minutes or so of Enter The Game Of Death are about as good as Bruceploitation ever got; a pagoda of delirium. The fighting is exceptional Le showcases so many styles in a performance true to the spirit of Jeet Kune Do , the settings are original and the cast fantastic we get Bolo Yeung in a far bigger role than usual, Yeo Su-Jin as a beautiful double agent manipulating the action for the love of her country and even the mighty Steve James fighting Bruce.

But these flaws aside, Enter The Game Of Death is still great fun and shows that you don't need a lot of money to showcase some stunning and imaginative kung fu.

This utter insanity opens with the recently deceased Bruce Lee Bruce Leong waking up in the Underworld. He is told, by way of explanation of his unfamiliar face, that "your features change a little when you die" classic! Unfortunately, things are not well in the Underworld. Bruce Lee champions the underdogs, teaches them to fight and leads them into battle against an increasingly bonkers series of attackers, including Dracula, an army of skeletons, a troupe of Mummies, and the Devil himself. If that plot appeals to you, you won't care about any of this film's flaws. It delivers exactly what it sets out to and while it's arguably cheap and exploitative, the dedication at the start "To the millions who love Bruce Lee" almost makes it feel like it's done with love.

There's a vicious subtext as well; a satirical assault on the west that continually rejected Bruce.

Should Christians Participate in the Martial Arts? | John Ankerberg Show - John Ankerberg Show

Seeing him as an immortal hero fighting off many of western cinema's biggest icons from the '70s is cathartic and the ending - as absurd as it is Bruce floats away like Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz — is even quite poignant. Despite the crassness, I'd like to think that, of all these movies, this is the one Bruce would probably have enjoyed the most. Surely even he could crack a smile at some of the first class nonsense in here. There's even a "romantic" sub-plot where loads of naked underworld nymphs fight over Bruce's manhood "Beat me with your terrible weapon!

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Honestly, you have to see this to believe it even exists. Right from the opening credits that include in addition to the mangled title "super-starring Bruce Le" and "screenplay by Zackey Chan", My Name Called Bruce is shoddy in the best way and beautifully grindhouse in tone: grimy to look at, drenched in stolen disco numbers, and lacking in any fucks that were available to give. The plot involves a stolen vase that's smuggled around various countries by a bad dude called "Nifty. But who will get there first? The cast is fantastic. It's a shame that Christina Cheung didn't do anything else excluding Ninja vs Bruce Lee which reuses her footage from this film, cut-up and redubbed into a new story because, in another dimension somewhere, she could've been A-list.

She's stunningly beautiful and can fight like hell, holding her own against and alongside Le, whose choreography once again shines here. There are some bravura fights including one where Le is tied to a chair and blindfolded and still wins! The final Eagle Claw fight by the sea is a classic. Despite its cheapness and the fact no one says the word 'Bruce' throughout , My Name Called Bruce is a great Bruceploitation film and essential to those interested in the more obscure side of Hong Kong cinema. The aim is to tune in to chi.

In Chinese metaphysics, the assumption is that mind and body in combination can be opened up to it, so that the energy itself takes over , as it were. Instead of having to go through the motions, the dancers find the motions going through them.

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Tai Chi is more than a mere physical exercise. It embodies the vibrant philosophy of Taoism through its emphasis on the gentle strength of centering and yielding. It can manifest as heat, as surges of energy, as tingling, as a certain heaviness to the limbs…. Indeed, when conducted in a religious atmosphere however defined , the exercises alone are allegedly able to assist in the arousal of kundalini.

As we have seen elsewhere, this phenomenon is related to spiritistic intervention or possession. Claims to having removed mysticism from martial arts practice must be critically evaluated. Again, much depends on the instructor. For example, through personal concentration, strong discipline, and intensive conditioning, the normal human body can, after years of effort, be trained to perform many of the dramatic physical feats in the martial arts. The removal of the meditation, mysticism, chi, and Eastern philosophy may restrict the potential range of abilities, because occult power may not then be present, but it will not prevent considerable human physical strengths from being developed.

At this point we should note there are divergent opinions on the subject of Christian participation in the martial arts. In order to acknowledge both sides, we asked representatives to defend their particular views.

Whites See Blacks as Superhuman

Bruce L. Johnson, a former practitioner of the martial arts, has lived in China, Japan, India, and in other countries in the Far East. He has studied many Oriental religions and philosophies and was greatly enamored with the various martial art styles of these countries. He eventually taught them to several famous movie stars, including clients of Bruce Lee who had previously been instructed in the martial arts. Johnson also lived for a while in the South Pacific and Caribbean, where he witnessed authentic voodoo and macumba ceremonies.

He now argues against Christian participation in the martial arts. He also feels that the tendency to violence in many of these practices raises issues for active Christian practice. Full contact in both sparring and contests is encouraged. Gone are the beautiful defensive moves, such as in aikido, so aptly demonstrated by the old masters.

You Will Become Fearless

Most forms of the martial arts can be traced back to some form of Buddhism, especially Zen, which originated in ancient India, and eventually spread to the Orient. Since meditation is such an integral part of the martial arts, it cannot be dismissed or ignored. Ancient practitioners knew their power was of a spiritual nature and not merely physical. Buddhism teaches transmigration reincarnation and Zen meditation is the spiritual heart of the majority of all forms of martial arts.

You cannot separate out the raw Taoism of the martial arts just as you cannot separate yoga from Hinduism. The martial arts are steeped in mysticism and frequently boast of these supernatural, occult abilities. The Orientals also practiced the martial arts for other reasons besides defense.