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The town is also the second wettest place on Earth, with an average of Khasi culture is on full display in Cherrapunjee, from sights and smells wafting though the tight and winding lanes of its markets to the mouthwatering, pork-based menu at its restaurants. The locals are warm, friendly, and eager to share their culture with visitors, which helps make it such a dynamic destination. These are the top 5 things to see and do in Cherrapunjee, India.

by: Barbara Seagram and David Bird

Mylliem is the perfect town to stop and grab a bite to eat before you dive into the top things to see and do in Cherrapunjee. There are many fantastic options for foodies looking to dive into traditional Khasi cuisine, so bring your appetite! For breakfast, I recommend visiting R.

Kharbangar Tea Stall. The breakfast I had at this tiny restaurant is one of the best I had during my time in northeast India. I suggest ordering their pork intestines with liver, the dohklieh, the chicken curry, and putharao. The pork intestines with liver is a phenomenal combination. The flavors of the two organ meats go extremely well together.

I also loved the variety of textures. The intestines were soft and chewy, while the liver was dense.

They were bathed in a flavorful sauce that contained sesame seeds. The dohklieh is like a Khasi version of a Russian salad and contains pork, potatoes, ginger, and onions. It is unique and flavorful and reminded me of ceviche even though the protein is pork instead of seafood. The ginger flavor in it was outstanding!

Speaking of flavor, the ones in the chicken curry blew my mind. Even though gravy was light, the taste was anything but! My suggestion is to try everything by itself first and then eat the rest of the meal with pieces of the putharao.

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Putharao is a small, steamed rice patty that also contains jaggery. Break it apart and eat it with your meaty dishes. Then finish up your meal with some minty red tea. When you do, I suggest you grab some more of their delicious pork dishes for dinner. I suggest you go with the pork momos. In addition to tender pork meat, the momos also contain onions and are served with a spicy sauce.

Try them with the sauce. One of my favorite foods of all time is blood sausage and one of my favorite blood sausages in the world can be found at a roadside stall in Mylliem! It was also gelatinous, but not in the same way that fat is.

David Niven

It is a powerful and heavenly flavor explosion in your mouth. I literally could have stood at that stall and eaten sausage all night! There is also a dried, smoked pork and a delicious pork soup with rice that are well worth your time.

The thali also comes with thick and creamy fermented beans, a light tree tomato chutney, a very briny fish chutney, and a sensational and earthy mushroom chutney that made my taste buds go haywire. Some of the most stunning waterfalls in the state can be found in the vicinity of Cherrapunjee.

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There was something in the way he said-"don't tell anyone I've leant them to you-they wouldn't appreciate them-the way you do"-that made me uneasy-but I didn't suspect a thing. He also made a point of asking if there was anything he needed to bring up from Southend his home for the following week. I duly gave him a list of everything we needed-and we parted company at the end of that first week-feeling very happy-and a feeling that I'd done my job to the best of my ability. On the Sunday-my landlady Joyce took me out for the day with her good friend-Maggie. They took me to a well dressing a local custom in Derbyshire and down Speedwell cavern-a local tourist attraction that mined the famous blue john stones-on an underground boat trip-reminding very much of the labyrinth in "Phantom of the Opera".

I remember when she gave me the piece of glass-her words were-"for the white one".

The Mystery of the Manchester 'Serial Killer' Police Say Doesn't Exist

I didn't fully understood what she meant at the time -but in later years-I realise she must have seen the spiritual potential that I have myself-but still haven't used to the full. When we got back to Chesterfield-John and Russell offered to take me over for a drink at Simon Barry's country digs-as a way of getting to know each other. A pleasant evening ensued-and I got to know more about this curious company.

Simon had worked with Peter,Bruce and Debbie for many years-and indeed was part of Peter's inner sanctum as it were. The three of them tactfully told me a few warning stories about Peter-and how I should be careful not to be lulled into a sense of false security PART 3. Russell, John and Simon all decided to go for a drive in the Derbyshire Dales during the day and very kindly asked me to join them. As the day went on -I gleaned more and more about our producer.

It seemed that he went through ASM's and new people to the company like hot dinners -and was well known for his mind games and amusing himself at the new boy's expense. He'd often ring Barrie Stacey in London and ask "who have you got new for me"-hence my summons to Chesterfield!

By all account-it didn't make me feel any easier-but I was grateful for the warning, But-where was the catch as far as I was concerned? The "catch " came the following morning on the get-in. I use the word loosely as his lighting rig consisted almost entirely of reds and greens -perfect for any panto-but not entirely suitable for a mouldy old thriller-still I suppose it was bordering on melodrama!

Just before lunchtime-and with the final dress rehearsal looming-John asked Peter for the sound tapes for the show. Thereby came the catch-and the first of the little games-which very sadly destroyed any trust I might have had of the impresario. He informed John that he hadn't been told by myself to bring any tapes back with him for the incidental music-"but what you could use-is some music that I leant him over the weekend". He turned to me with what soon became a recognisable gloat and asked "have you got them with you "? Smiling wickedly.

15 Larry David Cameos on Seinfeld | Mental Floss

Of course-the tapes were still in my digs up the road-and Peter had planned it perfectly that they were. He'd known that the tapes contained the music he wanted to use for the show all along-and this was transparently obvious to John and myself-who then wasted our lunch break driving to get them-when we should have been preparing for the dress rehearsal.

John knew this as well and could only look apologetically at me -as if to say- "we tried to warn you"! The dress rehearsal was a fiasco and bordering on the hysterical- the whole plot revolving around a lord who gets murdered and comes back as his own ghost. During the play his body was supposed to be in a curtained alcove at the back. So that Simon, playing the Lord didn't have to spend the entire play in the alcove-the back window had a secret door he could escape from. Unfortunately-he hadn't checked his script to double check when he needed to be back on the set-when the curtains were drawn.

Peter also had a thing about putting his leading men in tights-for whatever reason-and as -for the majority of the play the two other male members of the company Bruce and Mark were in "period costume"-it was a good excuse to produce the most revealing tights imaginable. I suppose I was lucky that my role disappeared fairly early on in Act two-before the costume change for everyone else! Several of the cast slipped on a dodgy carpet and corpsed unashamedly during the dress rehearsal. At the end of it all-there were a lot of red faces -all fearing the worst!

Even though I was playing a comparatively small role-there is always a pressure on any opening night-and as this was my "debut" as it were-I couldn't hep but feel the pressure.

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It wasn't made any easier by the fact that I had to make an announcement for the two girls who weren't billed in the programme and then rush round front of house for the first entrance. I managed to get through the auditorium door ok but heard a few angry mutterings of "latecomers-typical"!