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  1. sri sathya sai sadhana trust, publications division
  2. Sai Baba Of India - AUDIO Of Prof. ANIL KUMAR
  3. sri sathya sai sadhana trust, publications division

God is not an achievement because, we are already divine". When a devotee asked Swami for the permission to have a flat at Prasanthi Nilayam.

sri sathya sai sadhana trust, publications division

Swami replied, "Your heart is My flat". Sri Anil Kumar said "we do not need flats; instead let us fall flat at Swami's feet". A Cosmo naught who had been to the moon said, "there is nothing on the moon or in the moon", however, if there was a place worth living, it's Prasanthi Nilayam. With Swami, life is enjoyable; we have so many things today. We have enough money, we have qualifications, but we do not have real happiness. Human beings are the only species who can smile. But despite all this, we do not smile. Life is enjoyable, life is fun, and life is laughter, ecstasy, melody, and dance.

Life is not serious.

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Seriousness is an indication of sickness not religiousness. God's seriousness is pretence. He acts serious to correct people.

For Swami everything is positive. God has come to demonstrate the art of living to us. We lead our lives but we do not live them. Leading is burdensome and mundane whereas living is enlightenment and entertainment. We must follow and watch and be a copy of Sathya Sai Baba, that is the purpose of His reincarnation. Professor Sri Anil Kumar asked, "Why do we not smile? The past is history, dead and gone once and for all and it will never return.

I am not worried about the future either. Past is history future is a mystery, therefore live in the present". Swami says "you are unhappy because you think of the past". We are full of attachment and not able to get out of the past. A person fell at Swami's feet and asked for forgiveness for being a sinner. Swami said to this person "forget the past".

It is because we do not forgive or forget, that we suffer with blood pressure. We should not think of the future either because it will happen, as it should. Anil Kumar gave an example of this. Some parents were purchasing new clothes for their bridegroom son. But the young fellow was seen collecting old, worn out clothes. When the parents asked the boy why he was doing this, he replied that it was for his future son.

But the young fellow himself was still a bachelor. There was also another man who was unusually serious. When his friend asked him what was wrong, he replied that his days were numbered because he had accidentally eaten a lizard a week ago and had come to know that lizards were poisonous. He said that he was therefore going to die any moment now.

The fear of death is responsible for our worry. Death is not to be worried about.

Sai Baba Of India - AUDIO Of Prof. ANIL KUMAR

Swami's brother in law passed away and Sri Kasturi went to Swami to offer his condolences. At this Swami laughed.

When Sri Kasturi asked Swami why he was not sad, Swami replied that without births, deaths, arrivals, departures, this Station Master would have nothing to do. Sri Anil Kumar then went on to speak about love. We experience lust and attachment, lust is physical and conditional, and where as love is spiritual and unconditional. Attachment is selfish, where as love is selfless, even friendship is based on give and take.


sri sathya sai sadhana trust, publications division

But love just flows. Love has no aim or purpose; it is spontaneous, natural and instantaneous. For Sathya Sai Baba, love is universal. If we are to love then we should love like He does. How do we do this? We watch Him and we learn from Him". When Swami gives darshan, He goes to the primary school children and talks and jokes with them. A divine spiritual personality can communicate with all. An Avatar can establish an easy, comfortable rapport with anyone. Communication is an art given to everyone.

Some express it in writing, some by speaking, some in dialogue and others in debate. It is our communication, but it is Swami's communion. Communication is between two people, but communion is when Swami speaks to you from within. Do You speak to people? Swami replied "How can you hear the inner voice when you are drowned in the outer noise?

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I do not need to speak to you physically if you have faith in the inner voice". This is communion with God. It is a command, it is sharp, you are not given an option, and it makes you choice less. When devotees ask Sri Anil Kumar about the latest miracles and experiences, he replies that every experience is fresh. He spoke of the 'honeymoon' period with Swami, when Swami tolerates our mistakes to start with.

At the time, a high rank gentleman from the army and his team were doing some gardening on the campus. One day Swami came to the college and asked the Principal "Who are they? What are they doing? Who gave them permission? Swami said, "You should know, you are the Principal". At this point he said to Swami, "Shall I ask them to go?

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Professor Sri Anil Kumar spoke of incidents where Swami has given him a stern telling off. He has learnt to never repeat these mistakes again. One time Sri Anil Kumar introduced someone to Swami. Swami played along with him and asked many questions about this person. When this person came into Swami's presence, Swami made it obvious that they had met before and told the person to take off his gold ring, which Swami then made into a diamond ring.

Swami replied, "I know everything, you should know that I know everything". Living with God is education. In order to be happy, let us learn to love and live like Sathya Sai Baba, and live in the present and commune with God. There was a short break at this point and whilst devotees had some refreshments, they were entertained with a live instrumental performance.

The second half of the programme started, with two melodious songs, by the youth choir of Region 4. He said that if it were not for Swami's Grace, it would not have been possible for us to be here. Sai's hand is forever present. He said as he arrived at Heathrow airport, he was recognised and passed through the airport without having to go through immigration.