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  1. Prairie Fire, Brookline
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This same principle applies to your financial priorities. By stripping away the old beliefs and preconceptions that build up over time, you can focus on goals that matter with a clear sense of purpose. We spend our days helping clients reach goals that they used to think were impossible.

Prairie Fire, Brookline

When your children become independent, your life and your goals can take on new meaning. The perennial grasses and flowers native to the prairie grow deep, hold water, crowd out weeds, improve the soil by providing nutrients and contribute to the innate beauty of the land.

Before the appearance of humans, lightning, wind, and hoards of grazing nomadic, hoofed herbivores managed the prairie. In modern times, we manage the prairie through controlled burns. These fires eliminate invasive weeds not native to the prairie that choke out healthy flowering perennials. In the process, prairie fires clear the way for long-dormant seeds to come to life, germinate, and grow.

Original glaze recipes

The variety and lushness of new growth resulting from a burn is often two to threefold from the previous year. Only native perennials that have been the basis for a healthy prairie for eons will survive the prairie fire. Like the prairie, the human being is a complex system. Within the human condition disturbances can affect our natural spiritual balance. Fear, anger, or worry about our family, professional and work demands, societal expectations, cultural conditioning, and even the state of the world can constrict awareness of our innate spiritual nature that flowers in its oneness with creation.

This growth restores natural balance and invites us to renewal, flowering, freedom, and a joyful life.

Carol Callan

We live in a world where we are taught little about spirituality and our personal spiritual natures. We live unconsciously as if on automatic pilot with little interior awareness.

We behave and become according to what we have been taught, and we judge others who have been taught differently. At some point in our lives, something often happens to move us into a state of awakening, making us question the wisdom of living out of this ordinary psychological awareness. This movement can take many forms. Perhaps we have an inner sense that something is just not right, that something important is lacking in our lives. Maybe a crisis, a loss or a betrayal has shaken the foundation of our lives in ways we have never experienced. Whether spontaneously suffered or intentionally chosen, often such events powerfully draw us from the lure of the outer into new awareness of our inner spiritual being — and deeper still, into awareness of that Presence in whose image each of us is created.

This process leads to authentic healing. Just as the prairie recovers or heals following a prairie fire, new life springs forth in us. PrairieFire, a two-year program of spiritual renewal, deepening and formation, provides a safe and sacred environment to allow the clearing of our inner terrain to promote new growth.

In the safety of a community that provides support, resources and containment, we explore together our ways of thinking, our notions about God, and negative attitudes such as attachments, aversions, judgments, competition and expectations. We will discover how to remove the barriers of harmful thinking that keep us from knowing the truth of our divine natures as made visible in our ordinary lives. The result promises to be a deeper level of acceptance of self and others; a closer relationship with the Divine; increased congruence as our lives more fully express the wonder of oneness with the whole of creation; and a new commitment to live in heightened awareness of the presence and activity of the Divine accompanying us in the holiness of everyday life.

If you are ready to explore and embrace a new way of being in the world while in sacred community with others, we invite you to consider PrairieFire. If your spirit resonates with the spirit of PrairieFire, we encourage you to apply. PrairieFire is an invitation to a deeper spiritual life, an invitation to set time aside for renewing of self and awakening of soul. It is an opportunity for education and mutual guidance and support in developing spiritual awareness and life-sustaining spiritual practices.

Submit the application, including two references and a spiritual autobiography. The studio's doors are open for a self-guided practice. Explore what your body needs; whether it be a powerful flow or a 60 minute savasana.

Restaurants Nearby

You are your best teacher. The best way to start your day — begin with good intentions and a moment to light the spark within. Members are welcome to come in to meditate for free prior to the am class. The room is heated to 95 degrees. Craving something unique, or tailored specifically to fit your needs?

Handmade Pottery by Prairie Fire Pottery | Hand Made Pottery

Prairie Fire Yoga offers private yoga sessions for individuals or groups. Whether it be breaking down the basics, focusing on alignment, or wanting a boost -- our instructor will meet you exactly where you are. Come ignite the fire inside and restore your energy. Your private session can be in a heated or non heated room. Candlelight Flow.

Core Flow. Core Tone. Flow Yoga.

Into the west: Manifest destiny - Naomi and Prairie Fire

Restorative Flow and Nidra. Slow Flow.