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Many years of experience in vacuum engineering and the latest develop- ments in pump technology combine in the SOGEVAC range the capability to adapt to the requirements of both the industry and the environment. The comprehensive range pumping speeds ranging from 10 to m3 x h-1 5.

The lubricant system is rated for continuous operation at high intake pressures max. The thus filtered oil is collected in the oil box and then sup- plied back to the pump. The separating system optimized in consideration of all operating condi- tions for the vacuum pump guarantees — also at high intake pressures and when pumping out of vapors — an exhaust gas which is free of oil mist separation efficiency over Leybold rotary vane vacuum pumps from the SOGEVAC series excel through numerous special features: The pumps have been so designed that efficiency of the pumps will be high.

For the SV B to SV the motor is linked depend ing on requirements to the pumping section directly via a coupling or via V-belts as a pedestal motor. During standstill of the pump for example due to shutting down or a power failure the valve closes the intake. This prevents the pressure from rising in the connected chamber while the pump is vented at the same time.

Any suck-back of pump oil into the vacuum system is thus also effectively prevented. This blocking process operates under all operating conditions below mbar Torr and even when the gas ballast valve is open. This is ensured by optimized running and sliding speeds and the selection of low-noise drive motors, as well as perfected manufac- turing techniques using CNC automatic machines for optimized tolerances and reproducibility of the individual components. Supplied Equipment All pumps are delivered with the requir- ed quantity of oil: SV 10 B to SV 65 B in a separate canister, whereas the SV B and larger pumps already contain the oil and are thus ready for operation.

Add water cooling possible, ideal for harsh applications and optimal oil life time thus reached - 4 times more oil than on comparable pumps allow long oil life times - Optimized integrated lubrication without external pipes - Integrated oil recovery system and anti suckback valve - Low noise level due to low pump speed - Variant concept - 3 phase wide range motors - Different single phase motors with overload protection in accordance to EN - Compact and nice design Typical Applications - Oil purification, drying and de- gassing - Plastic and rubber injection presses - CO2 lasers - O2 applications - Analytical Instruments - and more SV , wide range mm in.

Optimal oil life time thus reached - High reliability due to separate greased ball bearings Space for exhaust filter exchange and cooling Oil filter Overpressure switch l8 l3 l5 l l1 l4 l2 l6 Inlet port b3 b4 Exhaust port Oil level switch Cooling air b5 h h1 Space for the motor's ventilation PT and thermal switch l7 b1 b Mounting 4x M10x10 h3 h2 b2 Type l l1 l2 l3 l4 l5 l6 l7 i8 b b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 SV B mm 1 in.

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US mm in. Japan mm in. Wide Range mm in. Noise level averaged 3 l qt dB A The bigger oil volume allows longer oil life times Hg 0 Typical Applications m 3 x h -1 d e e p S g n p m u P i 10 1 10 -2 10 0 without gas ballast with gas ballast 50 cfm 10 5 - Mass spectrometry - Lyophilisation - Laboratory - Refrigeration and air-conditioning - Lamps and bulbs - and more Hg 0 Typical Applications m 3 x h -1 d e e p S g n p m u P i 10 1 10 -2 10 0 without gas ballast with gas ballast 50 CFM 10 5 - Mass spectrometry - Lyophilisation - Refrigeration and air-conditioning - Laboratory - Lamps and bulbs - and more Only degreased accessories filters and valves and original spare parts from Leybold Vacuum must be used.

Jean Grey (Character) - Comic Vine

This special information must be observed. Advantages to the User - High pumping speed down to ultimate pressure - Operation of the pump at all pres- sures between mbar Torr and ultimate pressure is possible - Integrated and effective separation of oil mist - Compact design - Air or water cooled - Environment friendly low noise and low heat radiation, low vibrations - Available in many different variants, motor voltages, ports etc. Furthermore, these pumps have an explosion-proof design. ATEX Category 2 Pumps Application Safety Precautions Advantages to be User As soon as gases capable of explod- ing are being pumped or if such gases are present in the vicinity, then the cus- tomer must perform a hazard analysis.

Classification As in the table below. Special ATEX exhaust filters, coupling compo- nents, motors, floats and final inspec- tions are used, respectively performed. All pumps are equipped with Pt temperature, oil level and oil casing pressure sensors. The motors are equipped with PTC thermistors. LV Restrictions apply for Service and Repairs: please consult us.

Only special accessories filters, valves, taps and original spare parts from Leybold must be used. Manual gas ballast is standard. Pumps with permanent gas ballast are T4 inside. Big gas ballast or no gas ballast available upon request. ATEX Category 3 Pumps Application Safety Precautions Advantages to be User As soon as gases capable of explod- ing are being pumped or if such gases are present in the vicinity, then the cus- tomer must perform a hazard analysis.

The TwinFilter replaces the otherwise needed Roots pump adapter to adapt a Roots vacuum pump. The Roots pump can be fitted directly on to the TwinFilter. Double inlet filter and Roots adapter TwinFilter Typical Applications Advantages to the User - Protects the pump against dust and - No external frame required: - Allows to have 2 different protection particles costs and space savings - Compact forevacuum pump combi- - Very compact combinations: nation space savings yet roughing pump protection filters in series: more efficient filtration and longer fil- ter life time - No elbows, bellows, adapters required for filter mounting: cost savings Type TwinFilter mm in.

Gas flow The gas passes through the filter 1 , then through the filter 2 and then enters the roughing pump. Gas flow Selection of the filter cartridges Filter ty p e Applications Dry processes with dust, powders, chips etc. Wet vapor processes with dust, powders, chips etc.

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Heavy particles, plastics, glass, packaging materials, food stuff, etc. Vapors of high molecular weight solvent, resin and acid vapors, alkaline solutions etc. Type F mm in. F 40 mm in. F mm in. This will prevent separated particles from falling into the intake line when disassembling the filter. When using an activated charcoal filter it is recommended to also install a paper cartridge filter between the pump and the activated charcoal. A 4. The filters are available with easi- ly replaceable cartridge elements for particle filtration of dusts and parti - culates down to one microns, or acti- vated carbon elements for the adsorp- tion of chemical vapor.

Project Horizons Chapter 76 Paying the Price

Liquid traps SL 40 to SL are weld ed steel collection vessels acting as liquid traps. These are equipped with connecting threads. SOGEVAC SV 40 with SL 40 liquid trap Advantages to the User Technical Notes - Protection of the pumps against liquids which might condense in the intake or the exhaust line when pumping vapors The liquid traps are equipped with a sight glass tube, so that it is easy to determine when to empty the vessels. The liquid drain is sealed by a screw-in cap. This cap may be replaced by a drain valve. A They are employed in all those cases where the pumped gases may contain liquid drops SEP , condensable vapors SEPC or solid particles which may impair proper operation of the pumps.

SEPC mm in. Gas Ballast Valve Thermal Switch The thermal switch is installed at the hottest point of the pump module.

It responds as soon as the temperature of the pump exceeds the maximum operating temperature. This accessory is recommended when operating the pump at high ambient temperatures.

Phoenix Splinter: Project Horizon

The SV is equipped as standard with two manual gas ballast valves. Technical Notes The gas ballast valve permits pumping of condensable vapors. The permissible quantities of water are stated in the technical data section. The oil tight base frame allows to hold up to 2 l 2,1 qt oil and has swivable casters of which 2 have breaks. Caster diameter Material oil pan kg lbs kg lbs l qt mm in 3 7 90 2 2.

Project Horizon, no. 1

A combination with the mobile base frame is possible. Noise reduction, approx.. Temperature increase below top, max. Ambient temperature , max.

Material frame absorption foam material Exhaust filter clogged Technical Notes The reliability of the manometer applies only provided the pump has attained its operating temperature and when the intake pressure is high. Material The housing of the ball valves is made of brass, the ball of hard- chrome plat ed brass, the valve seat of PTFE. The housing of the right angle valve is made of aluminium, the spindle and valve plate are sealed with an O-ring and are made of stainless steel.

Control valve with mm blocking valve in. Used for pro- viding additional protection from oil odor or mist expelled from pump exhaust. Requires NPT type nipple and street elbow for preferred vertical mounting. We recommend to use only these or other components from Leybold for connect ing SOGEVAC pumps, so as not to impair the pumping speed of the pumps or the leak tightness of the sys- tem. Aluminium, anodized 5 mm 0. Only available for purchase in North and South America Hg 0 50 cfm 10 5 Inches. Combination Filter with Cooling Option base installed in.

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D 4. All pumps are controlled and maintained by an internal controller. The systems offer superior performance for a wide range of rough vacuum applications.